Jessi (제시) - 'Numb' MV
Jessi (제시) - 'Numb' MV

MV Executive Producer: P NATION
MV Director: Kwon Yong Soo @ SACCHARIN FILM
Composed by: Emile Ghantous, Angel Taylor, Jessi, Peter Chun, Aurora Pfeiffer
Lyrics by: Emile Ghantous, Angel Taylor, Jessi, Peter Chun, Aurora Pfeiffer
Arranged by: Emile Ghantous, Angel Taylor, Jessi, Peter Chun, Aurora Pfeiffer
Mixed by Stay Tuned @ Stay Tuned Studio
Mastered by 성지훈 @ JFS Mastering

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  • Ferdiko Hutama
    Ferdiko Hutama

    this song has 2000s hit vibes

  • Carin Valencia
    Carin Valencia

    I really love his song so underrated

  • billy ronan
    billy ronan

    This song is so underrated like i love this more than nunu nana but i love everything Jessi hihi 👑

  • LOve Knowledge
    LOve Knowledge

    Suddenly youtube suggest this song to me.. then I love this song more than nunu nana..

  • Jordy Lovey
    Jordy Lovey

    This song is so beautiful

  • Mikaela Bonifacio
    Mikaela Bonifacio


  • TimmieD

    GIRLFRIEND, I will never, let you go, cause I Love You Too Much💖

  • Dygnrntsh

    Queen Jessi deserve the world

  • Just T
    Just T

    I don’t know about you all but I can feel that this song is so deep for herself ! She literally sang her heart out! It’s a message that she’s struggling whatever holding her back. But so happy she’s rising like a Phoenix now ! RISE QUEEN RISE !


    You are so special, you are so pretty


    jessi te amo

  • ka gum
    ka gum

    thankyou for the good music... i'm literally almost every day play this song... it's make my mood being good for a day😍😍😍

  • Angela uwu
    Angela uwu

    ella es realmente asombrosaaa

  • Angela uwu
    Angela uwu

    my baby is the best

  • Asal Zarezadeh
    Asal Zarezadeh

    Ok but I just figured it out that this song is underrated

  • its Now United
    its Now United


  • its Now United
    its Now United


  • gamora potter
    gamora potter

    Some people really don't seem to know. You know jessi debuted as a singer first right. She didn't start rapping until very late in her career.

  • h hやあ
    h hやあ

    Jeese 👑😭💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

  • Im Jlnndjnsp
    Im Jlnndjnsp

    This is so good 😭🤍

  • Hania Haider
    Hania Haider

    She is amazing

  • Thế Vy
    Thế Vy

    I was surf instagram of Jessi’s and listen to this song. Now i really like it ❤️

  • John paul Broso
    John paul Broso

    Don't mind the bashers they're are your best fans 'cause you do great things and songs. GOD BLESS THEM Your fan friend flor mojica.

  • Marissa Rizky
    Marissa Rizky


  • M Kay
    M Kay

    I'll never get enough of this song. really beautiful


    Jessie, some more like this...


    Jessie, i like this

  • 히내

    Already 1 year..?!?!?

  • venus kim
    venus kim

    Who's still listening 🙋 2021

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi

    This Screams MASTERPIECE...

  • Syv Belleza
    Syv Belleza


  • Charity L Joseph
    Charity L Joseph


  • Ianievor Khrapao
    Ianievor Khrapao

    All korean people must be so proud to have a great singer like her who could do well both in English and korean rap vocal wow ....💜😘🥰..........she deserves to be at the top

  • egha ajha
    egha ajha

    Like all song jessi..waiting..💪💪💪💪🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Sharie Williams
    Sharie Williams

    Jessie is the best

  • Fujiwara Wikade
    Fujiwara Wikade

    Can't bored to listening this song. And Star is my fav

  • Sanaa

    Only 6.1M views? so underrated

  • Mukhlis Irwan Al-Mundzir
    Mukhlis Irwan Al-Mundzir

    Aku suka warna nada Lagu yang seperti ini, ada Korea nya ada Amerika nya

  • Anica Alberto
    Anica Alberto

    Jessi is the QUEEN!!!!!

  • Miz B
    Miz B

    I love this song more to nunu nana. I guess this song didn't get place among Korean listener because of language. Plus Korean fans more toward upbeat music. But this song is great though. Love it 💕

  • Matheus

    This is the best song omg😭😭😭😭😭

  • Barsha 🌼
    Barsha 🌼

    I've never heard of Jessi's song before. This is my first time listening to her song and I must say this song is sooo beautiful. Jessi is a Queen 👑

    • CC

      check out her songs on this channel (Nunu Nana, who dat be, star, what type of x), and her old songs as well (Gucci, ssenunni, I want to be me, excessive love, don’t make me cry, Down)

  • trueribbon

    I like the meaning and the way you sing, Jessi. This is very very good! I like it so much!!

  • nuraliah

    I just love her voice. her voice is one of my favorite

  • Ира Самодурова
    Ира Самодурова

    Вау. Голос нереальный 🔥😻😻😻😻💃👍👍👍👍

  • Nill Moon
    Nill Moon

    Wow, just her voice🥺✨💜

  • wondergirl2

    I love this song

  • Rica Chu
    Rica Chu

    It’s my favorite in the album! Haters gonna hate, but she’s hella international grade b****!! Yas queen,,,

  • Dilara Tuğba Uçar
    Dilara Tuğba Uçar

    Harika, efsane, mükemmel, şahane...

  • aisukohi

    Why I only heard this todayyy 😭😭😭 this is the besttt

  • Juan Franco
    Juan Franco


  • Juan Franco
    Juan Franco


  • Flordeliza Tatad
    Flordeliza Tatad

    The queen

  • indres lumbantoruan
    indres lumbantoruan

    I need the lirics. Anyone please to written and tag me. 🎶🎶🎵🎵

  • Mar Mar
    Mar Mar

    эм. мол не копирует арианну шрандн..... придумайте что то свое


    CALM 🙂

  • Marian Segera
    Marian Segera

    wOw....... how come I didnt know tht this masterpiece has a whole damn MV wtf😐😳

  • Meow \
    Meow \

    She is my Girl...!! Love you Unnie

  • Elly Alvarendra
    Elly Alvarendra

    Jessi eonni your voice so nice😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Elly Alvarendra
    Elly Alvarendra

    Jessi eonni you r so beautiful... I like all about you, because of you i like my self❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Midoriya Izuku
    Midoriya Izuku


  • Gagon Mili
    Gagon Mili

    I love her voice so much in this song 🎵💯💯💯💯💯💯🥇✌

  • TheBigFatNoob

    Yet another underrated masterpiece.

  • shreya

    I love her

  • Isabella

    Tremendo arte llamado NUMB

  • emojis don't freeze views! search it on google
    emojis don't freeze views! search it on google

    Jessi is such a strong girl to cope with all the pain


    I am not really into k pop and more to drama but I like jessi. She is the queen and the artist I like from the music industry of Korea are Jessi, IU and BLACKPINK.

  • hirah 13
    hirah 13

    i really love this song 🙂

  • Saumya Pal
    Saumya Pal

    This is a fact that this song is underrated and too underrated like this hit 6.1 even after 1 year People need to hear good songs instead of shits

  • Bh Hyun
    Bh Hyun

    I love this song!!

  • Sandrinaprita Prita
    Sandrinaprita Prita

    I like

  • emojis don't freeze views! search it on google
    emojis don't freeze views! search it on google

    She is known for being a great rapper but let's give a moment for her great singing skills too.. i mean where can yoy find a rapper hitting high notes ✋🤧😩

  • Ana paula Marques
    Ana paula Marques

    Perfeito 👏👏👏

  • Choung Touch
    Choung Touch

    omg this song is too great , why i just know it until now

  • Dawn Shimmer Glow
    Dawn Shimmer Glow

    fucking perfect

  • Yiren Quio
    Yiren Quio

    Yt recommendation and it got me addicted.

  • loopy__on_this_b

    this song not breaking charts speaks volumes how it's not about music anymore TT

  • Mbojo NgeGame
    Mbojo NgeGame

    OMG.. Love It can't stop hear you all day

  • 임선영

    목소리랑 노래가 찰떡궁합이네!!

  • Yibo's Team
    Yibo's Team

    Why masterpieces doesn't gets more attention?

  • 湯雁珍


  • Sosa Lealai
    Sosa Lealai

    I love it

  • Tatiana Bautista
    Tatiana Bautista

    Ay me encanta esta version de Ella♡♡

  • anne

    Underrated songs is always the best ngl

  • Khalisyah C. Hashim
    Khalisyah C. Hashim

    THIS SONG IS SOOOOO UNDERRATED ✋🏻😭 its dopeeeee af!!!

  • Ratih Emilta
    Ratih Emilta

    Underrrateeeee as fuckkkkkkj ajggg

  • Jesus vicente Prieto Ardila
    Jesus vicente Prieto Ardila


  • Pricilla Viony
    Pricilla Viony

    That's it. Just 2x listening to Jessi's song and I smashed the subscribe button already. The definition of love at the first sight. She's so talented ❤

  • Sara Brenna
    Sara Brenna

    Queen Jessi supremacy

  • De Leon, Ma. Lovely Mae P.
    De Leon, Ma. Lovely Mae P.

    HyunA, Hwasa and Jessi are Queens for me❤❤❤

  • s_ana 4
    s_ana 4

    I need more songs like this so that I can move on... like mannnnnnn this hits hard everytime I listen to this 🥺🥺💜

  • Criss

    Her voice is so clear and powerful, she's a good singer and perfomer with good artistic view for her videos. She needs to me way more popular

  • crystxlchxrry

    unpopular opinion: this is one of jessi's best songs

  • Aurora Cervantes
    Aurora Cervantes

    Damn I'm in love with her voice 😍

  • Suzy Kim
    Suzy Kim

    Came here everyday 🦋

  • Nura Amalia Afan
    Nura Amalia Afan

    I'm regret for myself cause to late found this song

  • joney


  • Priyanka basumatary
    Priyanka basumatary


  • вτs αямy
    вτs αямy

    U r the best unnie

  • Menche Joy Mejos
    Menche Joy Mejos

    What an amazing song ... Her voice really emphasize in this song ... I'm super addicted to this song 🥰